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Northwest Ontario - Vacations in Sunset Country

Are the pressures of life making you want or need a vacation? Well if the answer is yes, then why not discover our part of the world in Northwest Ontario, Canada? This is the land where you can see close up what the "Great Canadian Experience" is all about. Known as the Sunset Country travel region, this land is a place to escape the daily pressures of life. This is the place where you can catch trophy fish in one of over 70,000 freshwater lakes. Stay at a beautiful lodge or resort or go on a fly in adventure at a remote Canadian outpost cabin. Bring your family, Sunset Country has been a popular outdoor family destination for many years. Go camping - there are hundreds of campgrounds to choose from - explore our Provincial parks and see wildlife in its natural habitat. Northwest Ontario is a place that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life, it will be a place you remember fondly for years to come.

Where is Northwest Ontario - Sunset Country?

Location Map - Northwest OntarioSunset Country is located in the western part of the Canadian Province of Ontario. Its southern border is with the State of Minnesota and to the west is the Province of Manitoba. You can access the travel region from the United States at three border entry points. These include Pigeon River north of Duluth, at the main crossing of Fort Frances/International Falls or from the west at Rainy River/Baudette. Our area is easily accessible from anywhere in the USA. You can fly into the cities of Winnipeg, Manitoba or Thunder Bay, Ontario or right to International Falls, Minnesota (usually via Minneapolis/St. Paul) and drive to their final destination in Sunset Country from either of these locations. Anyone flying into Canada after January 23rd, 2007 will require a passport to re-enter the United States by air after their vacation.

Sunset Country is within a day's drive from many states in the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and the Dakotas. If you plan on driving in 2009, you do require a passport to enter Canada and then return to the USA. The thing to remember is it's easy to get here and we can help you determine the best way to do it if you're unsure. Many people coming from further away plan the trip ahead of schedule and make it a two day trip. This cuts down on extended driving times from places like Indiana, Michigan or Ohio. Despite the distance from some folks, they all say it is worth the drive once they've been here. Our beautiful country is something unlike anywhere else you will have seen with the endless number of lakes, beautiful green forests and rugged scenery of the Canadian Shield.

Entry Points into Canada from the United States

Towns, Cities, Events, Festivals

Welcome to our famous tourist friendly communities. Towns like Kenora and Red Lake have been popular vacation destinations for many years and the region's many small towns linked together by scenic highway routes are ideal locations for travelers and families to visit while driving through the region. Festivals and events occur throughout the year but summer time is by far the best time of year to enjoy these activities. Have a great time at the Blueberry Festival in Sioux Lookout, Moosefest in Dryden or the Trout Forest Music Festival in Ear Falls. Celebrate our region's aviation heritage at the Norseman Festival in Red Lake or party it up on the shores of Lake of the Woods at Harbourfest in Kenora.

Do you want to see more of Northwest Ontario? Here is a video showing images of Sunset Country taken by David Lauder.

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