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Boat in Lodges in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country

Boat in fishing lodges With all that freshwater, Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country has many boat in lodges. These facilities offer remote fishing, hunting and outdoor vacations without you having to fly in. Many lakes have resorts located on islands far away from populated areas. Examples include Rainy Lake, Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake, Lac Seul, Marchington Lake and Red Lake. You can venture up several river systems to these back country locations including up the English and Woman River systems. Getting to the lodge is a great part of the trip. A cruiser will come to pick you up and transport your party to its accommodations. Have your camera ready for all the photo opportunities on the boat ride in.

Island locations, remote sections of lakes, journeys up wild river systems, these may all be part of your experience when you go to a boat in lodge in Canada. See wildlife such as moose, bald eagles, deer, wolves and even otters. Wildlife viewing is a real bonus when you take a vacation in Ontario. Some lodges have nature trails leading into the woods. Go hiking and see the forest ecosystem close up. The bird watching opportunities are phenomenal.

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Lac Seul Lodge [Website | Summary]
In addition to our main drive in Lodge, we also have two remote boat in outposts. These outposts are on Sunlight Lake, and Black Bay (Lac Seul).
Box 850 Ear Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 1T0
Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Our boat in access outpost on Pipestone Lake offers some excellent Canadian fishing in Northwestern Ontario. Enjoy fishing with your own boat!
RR2 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0

Camp Narrows Lodge [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our lodge on the Northwest Arm of Rainy Lake.
Box 807 Fort Frances Ontario P9A 3N1
807-274-2121 or 866-294-5067
Shoal Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
We are ideally located on Cedar Island in the middle portion of Shoal Lake, Ontario, Canada. From our Shoal Lake landing, about 10 miles south of Highway 17, boat in about 5 mile to our island location in the middle of Shoal Lake.
PO Box 31 Kejick Ontario, Canada P0X 1E0

Crow Rock Lodge [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our american plan lodge on Crow Rock Island on Lake of the Woods in Ontario's Sunset Country for a great canadian fishing or family vacation with us.
Box 291 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X3
807-543-4001 or 800-547-FISH (3474)
Halley's Camps, Inc. [Website | Summary]
Boat in or fly in to our One Man Lake Lodge or Kettle Falls Lodge.
Box 15 Minaki Ontario, Canada P0X 1J0
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Whitefish Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our camp in the heart of Whitefish Bay, on Lake of the Woods. Thousands of islands dot the lake's wide expanse, providing sheltered fishing in almost any kind of weather. The camp is located less than 10 minutes from Nestor Falls by boat.
Box 128 Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada P0X 1K0
807-226-1211 or 877-226-1211
Young's Wilderness Camp [Website | Summary]
Young’s Wilderness Camp on Stevens Bay on Lake of the Woods is a boat-in facility that offers both American plan packages and housekeeping packages. You can bring your own boat or boat rentals are available.
Box 126 Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada P0X 1K0

Peffley's Canadian Wilderness Camp [Website | Summary]
Your wilderness adventure begins at a roadside dock where we pick you up in a 21 foot all-weather passenger boat for a safe & comfortable ride to our boat in camp on Wabaskang Lake. Leave the highways behind, & enjoy the scenic 25 minute boat ride.
General Delivery Perrault Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 2K0
807-222-3184 or 888-713-1250
Camp Lake St. Joseph Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our camp on Lake St. Joseph for your ontario walleye fishing trip . At our landing, 70 miles north of Savant Lake, you will be met by our courteous camp personnel who will take you across the lake 1.5 miles to the camp.
Box 301 Pickle Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 3A0
807-928-2267 or 800-563-2267

Ghost River Lodges [Website | Summary]
Why Fly in? Come experience a truly unique Canadian Fishing Adventure! The affordable alternative is to boat in. Load up and boat the first section to our portage, then experience our unique portage system before boating on to our remote lodges.
Box 566 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
807-582-3330 or 888-446-7874
Wabakimi Wilderness Adventures [Website | Summary]
Frontier Trail, Hwy 527 Armstrong Ontario, Canada P0T 1A0

Ballard's Black Island Resort [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our resort on Lake of the Woods, drive in to our landing in Morson, Ontario, from there we will meet you and take you to our island in the canadian wilderness where you will enjoy great fishing and hospitality.
3314 Bur Oak Rd. NW Baudette MN 56623
Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Boat-in access ensures you have a true wilderness experience. Guests can either be picked up, or can bring themselves by boat to our island in Miles Bay, Lake of the Woods, 13 miles north of Morson, Ontario.
Box 66 Devlin Ontario, Canada P0W 1C0

Williams Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Williams Lake Lodge & Outpost is a boat in resort located approx. 40 miles north of Dryden, from there you will take Hwy 601, then travel on gravel logging roads to our River or North Landings where we will meet you & transport you to camp.
Box 509 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z2
Goose Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Our boat-in outpost on Nungessor Lake consists of 3 completely equipped cabins, a fish house, & ice house with unlimited ice for your use. Motors and minnows packed in oxygen are picked up at the main camp; boats, gas, and ice are at the outpost.
Box 68 Ear Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 1T0
807-222-3313 or 800-667-5208

Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort, McKenzie Bay & Confederation Lake Outposts [Website | Summary]
We have 2 boat in outpost's, one on McKenzie Bay off of Lac Seul which has an 8 person capacity and you can boat in or fly in to our oupost on Confederation Lake.
Box 430 Ear Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 1T0
Pipestone Lodge [Website | Summary]
To get to our boat in lodge, you can park your car at Sportsman Landing, off of Highway 71 north of Emo, Ontario. We will meet you there with our power boat for the scenic 20-mile trip on Pipestone Lake into camp.
RR2 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0

Cedar Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Our boat in resort is located on Pipestone Lake, from a secure parking facility, you’ll travel by your boat or ours, 17 miles to Cedar Island Lodge. Midway, you’ll travel over a water fall and dam on a mechanical portage to your fishing destination.
Box 382 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0
807-275-5855 or 807-275-8776
Pipestone Point Resort [Website | Summary]
Pipestone Point Resort is a boat in access resort. We are located on the Northeast section of Lake of the Woods. We are only 8 miles by water from our parking lot at Northern Harbor.
Box 296 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X3

Walsten Outpost Cabins [Website | Summary]
Boat in or fly in to our Confederation Lake Outposts that hold from 6 to 16 people. Confederation Lake is located northeast of Ear Falls, Ontario.
Box 1220 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X7
807-468-5970 or 800-567-7715
Little Turtle Lodge [Website | Summary]
We are boat-in accessible lodge located on Little Turtle Lake near Fort Frances, - the only lodge on the lake, enjoy a remote experience in Ontario for your fishing trip to Canada
Box 128 Mine Centre Ontario, Canada P0W 1H0

Hanson's King Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our remote island lodge on Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods. Enjoy fishing and the canadian wilderness for your vacation to Ontario.
Box 559 Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada P0X 1K0
Lake of the Woods Lodge [Website | Summary]
Boat in to our beautiful lodge on a secluded island in Lake of the Woods. Your 10 minute boat ride to the Island is a treat in itself, you're sure to love the beautiful scenery as you travel through protected waters to the lodge.
Box 529 Nestor Falls Ontario P0X 1K0
807-484-2686 or 888-484-2686

First Nation Guide Service & Lodging [Website | Summary]
New lodging over looking the lake in the prestine wilderness of the Aulneau Peninsula of Lake Of The woods. You are at the best fishing waters, minus the 45 minute boat ride. 10 minutes to private parking. Use your own boat or our rental.
PO Box 301 Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada P0X 1K0
Wine Lake Camp [Website | Summary]
Escape the pressure of modern living & enjoy your fishing vacation at Wine Lake Camp in the Perrault Falls area. Your holiday adventure begins travelling down winding waterways & past a waterfall to reach our picturesque boat in only facility.
General Delivery Perrault Falls Ontario P0V 2K0

Old Post Lodge [Website | Summary]
We are located at GPS location 51.136170, -90.276976 on Lake St. Joseph in a remote area of Northwestern Ontario. Drive to our landing north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario where we will pick up in our 30' pontoon & take you to our boat in lodge.
Box 380 Pickle Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 3A0
807-928-2802 or 800-461-1388
Bow Narrows Camp [Website | Summary]
There's still a place where roads don't exist. Leave the drive in access world behind and boat in to Bow Narrows Camp at the end of Red Lake, Ontario. Our large, fast boat takes you to the lodge which is in total wilderness but is not a fly in.
Box 217 Red Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0

The Sanctuary Resort [Website | Summary]
We are a boat in resort a 5 mile boat ride from our landing near Sioux Narrows, Ontario on Lake of the Woods with free car parking
Box 87 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
Duck Bay Lodge [Website | Summary]
Looking to really get away from it all? Duck Bay Lodge is located on a remote island and is accessible by boat or float plane only. We will pick you up at our supervised parking area for a 7 mile boat trip to the island. Our boat holds 6-7 people.
RR1 Sleeman Ontario, Canada P0W 1M0

Voyageur Wilderness [Website | Summary]
Voyageur Island, Nym Lake, Box 850 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Campbell's Cabins (1987) Ltd. [Website | Summary]
7540 Gold Coast Road Crane Lake Minnesota 55725
807-485-2441 or 800-238-4224

Eagle Lake Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 1213 Fond du Lac Wisconsin 54936-1213
Cascades Camps Ltd. [Summary]
Box 657 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M9

Barker Bay Resort & Outposts [Website | Summary]
Box 157 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M6
Cozy Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 1169 Ignace Ontario P0T 1T0

Mead's Spruce Island Camp Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Box 19 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X1
Northwest Outfitters and Outpost Camps Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Box 564 Kenora Ontario P9N 3X5

New Moon Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 28 Morson Ontario, Canada P0W 1J0
Perrault Falls Adventure Area [Website | Summary]
General Delivery Perrault Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 2K0

Chimo Lodge & Outposts [Website | Summary]
Box 860 Red Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0
807-727-2894 or 800-991-4599
Crystal Harbour Resort Hotel [Website | Summary]
Box 278 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5233 or 888-589-6056

Wiley Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 180 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM
Yellowbird Lodge and Chalet [Website | Summary]
Box 180 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

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